As the fastest-growing cosmopolitan city in Asia, Bangalore is among the most exciting and effervescent cities in India and a favorite destination of most foreign travelers. It’s also a preferred destination for travelers who want to club their healthcare requirements and medical treatments along with their vacations. With numerous world-class healthcare institutions and specialty hospitals in a range of medical treatment verticals, Bangalore can meet and exceed all the healthcare expectations of the clients, no matter what their health conditions may be.

Being the seventh-largest city in India, Bangalore has an abundance of interesting tourist spots and locations. The city has innumerable sprawling gardens and parks spread out across its expanse, which is also why it was earlier known as the ‘Garden City’. Travelers visiting Bangalore are spoilt for choice when it comes to visiting its numerous tourist locales.

Aside from its gardens and parks, one of the most important attractions of the city is the State Secretariat which was built in 1954. It is an artfully blended display of modern architectural techniques with that of the earlier Dravidian era in India.

The Visvesvaraya Technological and Industrial Museum and Government Museum of Bangalore are a must-visit location too as they keep you going back and forth in time. And for those interested in more architectural grandeur, a visit to the 18 nth century Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Palace will surely leave you in awe. Bangalore also has numerous other historically-significant temples that are a grand testimony of Indian culture at its finest.

For tourists aiming to visit Bangalore, you won’t need to worry about the climate as its pleasant weather all the year round. However, the inflow of tourists is at its peak between the months of September and February.