Trivandrum is an excellent tourist destination, and in recent times, the city has also become one of the most sought-after medical tourism locations in Kerala. Endowed with some of the best hospitals and Ayurveda wellness centers, you can avail of all your medical treatment requirements with ease here. There are also numerous resorts and ayurvedic centers here that offer custom-made medical and wellness plans as per your medical requirements and budget.

Unlike a typical capital city, Trivandrum is endowed with rich, green natural beauty, a colorful culture, numerous religious monuments, expansive beaches, mist-clad mountain ranges and a buzzing city life that perfectly encapsulates its glory. One of the most-visited cities in South India, Trivandrum never ceases to amaze tourists from across the world. What attracts travelers to Trivandrum is its strategic location—tucked around the Sea of Arabia, Kanyakumari and the mighty Western Ghats.

Trivandrum is also deeply immersed in Hinduism and its mythology. It is also here that the famed world’s richest temple, the Padmanabhaswamy temple can be found. Trivandrum also has numerous other temples that blend with the routine life of the city and its people. Apart from the temples within the city, what transforms Trivandrum to an exceptional tourist destination is the grandeur of the Agasthyarkoodam. A visit here offers you spectacular views of the mountain ranges and chilly climate.

Like many other parts of Kerala, Trivandrum experiences mild temperatures ranging from 20°C to around 35°C coupled with the typical humidity. The period from November to February is considered the best time to pay a visit.